Are you feeling stressed? Do you have back problems or a stiff neck? Do you have problems with digestion? Or do you just need a good strong boost for your energy and vitality? In each of these cases, Thai massage can bring you relief and a new lease on life.

With deep yet soothing massage, following the body’s internal meridians, we open the natural pathways through which your energy flows. We eliminate energy blockages and toxins, stimulate circulation, and invigorate the body’s own healing powers and inner balance.

Thai massage brings and immediate positive impact: you will feel deeply relaxed and enjoy a sense of well-being. A deeper impact emerges in the following days: your body will feel truly nourished, as your system regains its inner harmony. Your mind may feel much calmer as well, and in some cases, Thai massage can facilitate a deep spiritual opening.

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Traditional Thai Massage booknow

½ hours $45.00
1 hour $70.00
1½ hours $105.00
2 hours $135.00
Traditional Thai Massage San FranciscoTraditional Thai Massage is an amazing synthesis of many techniques: leaning pressure, reflexology, energy, line work, stretching and yoga. This system creates a powerful release of stress and tension and increase in vitality and well-being. To achieve all of these effects, we use palms, thumbs, feet, elbows, forearms, and knees. 

Thai Swedish Massage booknow

1 hour $80
1½hours $115
2 hours $150
Marina_Thai_Massage_Thai_Swedish_MassageThis is the best of Thai and Swedish massage in one session. Traditional massage oils are used with Thai therapeutic massage. There is the soft kneading of Swedish massage, along with the pleasant aroma and sensation of quality massage oils. Our therapists will do a seamless transition back and forth between the techniques. The use of feet, elbows, legs as well as yoga like stretches used in Thai massage along with massage oil and kneading of muscles and joints from Swedish. It’s a totally relaxing experience that everyone should try. Our clients love it and come back again and again to enjoy.


Foot Reflexology booknow

½ hour $45.00
1 hour $75.00
Marina_Thai_Massage_Thai_Swedish_MassageMassaging and pressing specific points on the soles of the feet which are associated with particular organs. The practitioner will use fingers, thumbs, hands, knuckles and rounded wooden sticks to stimulate certain pointes on the foot. This helps stimulate activity of the blood, lymph circulation and causes a therapeutic effect on the entire body.