Recommendations for Marina Thai Massage

I am lucky to live close by the Marina Thai Massage (and previously School of Traditional Medial Thai Massage). The massage therapists there have been my saviors many times, when I have woken up with pain from a neck issue that keeps coming back if I am not taking care of myself properly. They have always been able to alleviate the pain and release the tension, and I am forever grateful for their services.

Johanna N.


I’ve been coming to this place again and again!  What I love about this place is the fact that they are not a routine massage place.  You’ve been to those places where time after time, they do the same massage routine over and over?  I just get really bored easily and also everytime I come, I usually have a different emphasis I want them to work it out.  

They almost always go over the one hour a little bit so you really feel like you are getting your money’s worth.  And as much as I like deep deep tissue massage, I’ve never gotten bruises the day after from this place.  Which means they know what they are doing! 

Everyone is super nice and helpful and you just feel really comfortable when you are there.
Bev L.


The BEST THAI MASSAGE establishment in San Francisco! Absolutely WILL COME BACK!!

Thank you!!!!
5 Stars!!!

Emily L.


This place is consistently amazing. My favorite therapist is Oi. She is gentle yet firm. She is very skilled at anatomy so I never have concerns for injury. The other therapist are also fabulous, Johnny is very strong (great for the dudes who want deep tissue) and En is lovely, very talented at neck massage.

Ashley S.