Why Thai Massage Would be the Perfect Alternative for Men

preferred massage for men

It is commonly known that regular massages have a number of benefits for the body, soul and mind and even a single session can be a perfect way to reach relaxation, increase flexibility and energy as well as reduce emotional and physical stress.

An earlier study by The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) discovered that only 17 percent of American men had received massages in the past year. Unlike pro athletes, who enjoy massages all the time, the average man may avoid massages for a few reasons – and here is why Thai Massage would be the perfect alternative for them:

  • You keep your clothes on while receiving Thai massage
  • No scented oils are used in the traditional Thai massage
  • It provides a kind of deep massage work that many men prefer
  • It is good for people who spend a lot of time on a chair
  • It’s an affordable massage that you can treat yourself or someone else with a good conscious

Thai massage is a gift of increased health and well-being that you can extend to your father, brother, the hard-working CEO, aching office worker and the weekend athlete with a high likelihood that it will be much appreciated and brought in to their regular routine. Look out for our Father’s Day Special available until June 18, 2017.

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Oi Little, Massage Therapist
Marina Thai Massage