A Thai Tradition for Mother’s Day

Post massage refreshment: Thai Beal TeaMother’s Day is coming up this 2nd Sunday of May, May 14, 2017. To celebrate our Moms, Marina Thai Massage will give $10 off on all traditional Thai massage treatments to all moms.

Also, we will be serving a special Thai treat to all customers: Bael fruit tea as well as dried bael.

Bael is a traditional Thai fruit (Aegle marmelos) that is very difficult to find in the US. We will serve the dried beal, as well as the beal fruit tea.

Bael Fruit Tea refreshes you after a massage treatment. It s also an excellent herbal tea for heart burn and as a good digestive aid.

Come and enjoy a Thai tradition that we find delicious, and it is a pleasure to share.

Have a wonderful week, and happy Mother’s Day!

Sawadee Kha – Welcome!

Oi Little, Massage Therapist
Marina Thai Massage